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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I know if my diamond will fit in the setting?

Our SETTINGS, come with the peg head or head (part holding the stone), which will hold a certain size or shape indicated. However, some peg heads or heads can be switched out or modified to fit your stone. This is something you can ask your diamond setter.

Our MOUNTINGS, come without the peg head or head. This is so that most any size or shape peg head can go on it. We can supply the peg head for you, however, if you aren’t sure about the exact size you’ll need, your diamond setter should be able to get it for you.

2. What is a “semi mount"?

A semi mount is a ring setting that comes with side diamonds, but without the center stone.

3. What does the option “6-7(Stock)” or “10-11(Stock)” mean?

Most of our rings are reproduced from the same mold. The mold may tend to change around the band, making the finger size vary between 6 and 7 for women, and 10 and 11 for men.  Therefore, you may not get an exact 6 or 7 for the women's nor 10 or 11 for the mens, but something within that range.  

4. Will my diamond solitaire fit in the ring wrap or guard?

Most ring wraps and ring guards are made to fit between 1/2 ct to 1 ct standard solitaire rings. However, your local jeweler should be able to make adjustments for a perfect fit. For ring wrap or enhancer, the bar in the center that connects the shoulders of the wrap can be lengthened or shortened. For the ring guard, the 2 bars connecting the bands, can also be shortened or lengthened in order for the solitaire to fit perfectly in between.

5.  Are your products already discounted?

Yes, they are. The BBB requires that if you always discount your items, then you can not show what the original price was, since it is never sold at that price. The manufacturer suggested price on most jewelry is priced at triple keystone or 3 times the wholesale price.  Most jewelry is not sold at that price.  However, some jewelry websites may use that price and then show a discount from it.

6. Why can’t I return the ring once it has been re-sized?

Some stores will try to resell rings that have already been re-sized. You wouldn’t want to get a ring that has already been cut would you? And it would weaken the ring worse if it had to be re-sized again and again. Our rings are inspected so that no returns have been re-sized. That way you know that you are getting a brand new, unaltered ring.

7. What jewelry pieces are rhodium plated?

All of our white gold pieces and most of our cubic zirconia and sterling silver rings are rhodium plated.

8. How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for purchases of $500 or more for US residents.

9. Do you charge sales tax?

Only CA residents will be charged sales tax of 7.75%.

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