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Ann Harrington Jewelry

The story of Ann Harrington Jewelry, Inc. began in 2002 in the heart of San Diego, CA, where a family dedicated to happiness decided it was time to set forth its vision of providing quality merchandise at an affordable price. At Ann Harrington Jewelry, we believe that the wedding that marks a new chapter in a woman's life should be more than just a banquet that celebrates her new love; it should also be one of the best, most memorable days of her life -- and what better way to accomplish this than to place the perfect ring on her finger?

Ann Harrington Jewelry, Inc. invites you to browse our extensive catalog of diamonds, rings and other general jewelry, all provided by very reputable wholesale companies and manufacturers where all the most renowned jewelers shop. What makes us different from these renowned jewelers, though? We follow true to our vision, meaning we want to give you your dream engagement ring for just a fraction of the retail price. Should you ever find the exact ring you are looking for elsewhere for a cheaper price, let us know and we will do our best to beat that price.

Remember, at Ann Harrington Jewelry, Inc., our primary concern is making our customers happy. Our goal is to make sure you have the best shopping experience possible, and we want to earn your satisfaction.

Engagement Rings and Settings

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Engagement rings with side stones consist of a center gem flanked by at least two side gems, which is a truly breathtaking sight to behold. The magic of these accompanying stones is adding brilliance and size to the center diamond, making the entire sight more radiant. Picking a center diamond with your side stones usually involves picking princess or round brilliant cuts. The side stones are often diamond-shaped, though the choice is ultimately your choice.

Solitaire engagement rings: a classic representation of the single true love who will whisk you away for a lifetime. This type of ring comes without side stones, presenting a single gemstone on a single band -- simple, yet bold. The statement your solitaire ring makes depends on its band and the purity of the gem. Picking the diamond shape for a solitaire band often includes picking an emerald and marquise cut or pear-shaped stone. Such a gem makes it appear larger than its true size, elongating it. No matter its size, fiery round brilliant, well-cut gems will always stand out, as will the heart-shape or trillium unusual cuts.

Ring Enhancers

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Ring wraps can have a number of purposes. This can be added along with a wedding band or they can serve as the actual band itself, which creates a set of wedding rings with better coordination. Sometimes, couples may choose to use ring wraps as anniversary gifts or during the process of renewing wedding vows. Enhancers may also be used for wrapping around an heirloom diamond ring, such as the engagement ring of the mother of the bride. However, they are usually used for making a standard solitaire diamond ring stand out on its own.

Ring inserts and ring wraps are the popular forms of ring enhancers. Normally a split double band, the ring insert has the solitaire diamond ring slide into it, and it is not uncommon for accent stones to fully encircle the center diamond in this particular style. The latter is a single band that is contoured to wrap around a solitaire ring and feature more diamonds on the flanks of the center diamond. In other words, it literally wraps around the ring without fully wrapping a circle around the middle stone.


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While the engagement ring is certainly the most popular choice and a fine candidate to display during the day meant just for you, it is by no means the sole and exclusive form of jewelry you must wear on your day. For example, you can also complement your precious stone by donning a fancy new jewelry item, such as watches, earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Once you have taken care of all the significant details of your wedding, feel free to browse through some of the multitude of our other bridal accessories.

These last minute accents allow you to look all the more ravishing, keeping you sharp when the time for your wedding comes along. Whether you want pins to have your friends and mother wear, cleavage enhancers or a beautiful new set of diamond earrings to match the large, shining stone placed upon your ring finger, you can find all of the items you need by browsing through the catalog. Remember that this is, in fact, your special day -- the one that you will remember for the rest of your life -- make it count by getting the accessories you want.

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